Panel on Contemporary American Motherhood - PAMLA 2019, San Diego

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June 10, 2019
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Megan Cannella/Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association
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PAMLA 2019

San Diego, CA

November 14-17

This panel seeks to explore the ways in which motherhood, in all its stages, across all demographics, is represented in contemporary American literature.

Depictions of maternity in contemporary American literature are increasingly grounded in trauma. Whether these literary representations are grounded in reality or in the dystopic, issues of reproduction, birth, and motherhood are being explored in a myriad of ways, often used to critique issues of gender, race, and/or class inequality. This panel aims to discuss contemporary literary representations of motherhood.This panel is especially interested in discussions of representations of the intersectional traumas of motherhood and/or motherhood in dystopic or speculative fiction. This panel welcomes and encourages broad understandings of motherhood.


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