REALITY CHECK: Representing Real Bodies in Performance 2019

deadline for submissions: 
April 29, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
University of York, Department of Theatre, Film and Television

REALITY CHECK: Representing Real Bodies in Performance 2019

Univerisity of York, Department of Theatre, Film and Television, UK

A Postgraduate led conference exploring Representations of Real Bodies in Performance




June 20th 2019 (09.30 - 18.00) 

Univeristy of York, Department of Theatre, Film and Television

Baird Lane, Heslignton East Campus


North Yorkshire,

YO10 5GB


Over the course of history human decisions have had a profound impact upon the surrounding environment and subsequently our ability to understand what ‘reality’ means to us. Within the framework of reality, creative media such as theatre, film, television and interactive media have then acted as a means for intervention, calling into question decision making, commenting upon choices made and how such actions then impact upon our experience of the human condition. The reality of the experienced human condition however, is that concept of choice in many instances is finite. In cases where reality denies the freedom of choice and individuals, groups or even whole societies become the subject of a forced change, how do creative media in performance respond? 

Reality Check: Representing Real Bodies in Performance Conference 2019 invites you to contribute to the ongoing debate surrounding the notion of exercising free will in light of forcible changes made to the experience of the human condition and how performance may reflect this.


Potential themes:

-       Epidemic illnesses: such as the Black Death

-       War

-       Disasters, both natural and human-made.

-       Political triumphs and disasters.

-       Historical and socio-political events/movements

-       Health and ill health (both mental and physical)

-       Documentary (theatre and film)

-       Biography – representing real people.

-       The ethics of staging real bodies and the reality of performers’ bodies.

-       Performance artists

-       Installations 


However, all relevant proposals will be considered equally on their own merits. We particularly encourage contributions that respond to the following issues:

-       Theatre and Performance Studies

-       Dramaturgical analysis

-       Interactive Media 

-       Film and Television

-       Game Design

-       Anthropology

-       Memory studies

Autoethnographic studies and practice as research


Who is this conference for? The Borderlines Conference is first and foremost an academic venture and welcomes submission proposals from current Post-Doctoral Candidates from Theatre, Film and Interactive medias. Submissions from Masters by Research Students may also be considered and we further welcome submissions made by performance makers.  

Please note: This conference welcomes both traditional conference materials, presentations and short performances. If you are intending to submit a performance (whether it be theatre, film or interactive media) please contact reflectionsconferencetftv@gmail.comand mark the subject heading with ‘Performance Proposal’. 


Please send a 150 word abstract with a biographical note of 50 – 75 words to: 

NO LATER THAN MONDAY APRIL 29th12.00 NOON 2019. All enquiries to be sent to the same email address. Thank you.