DEADLINE EXTENDED: “Insane Clown President”: Narratives of the Rise of Trump

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July 10, 2019
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Cody Chun / Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association
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PAMLA 2019 (San Diego, CA)

November 14-17, 2019

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At the heart of Matt Taibbi’s Insane Clown President (2017) is the attempt to rationalize how an event which at first seemed impossible could become not only possible but also very real: the election of an “insane clown president.” What, it asks, were the historical, cultural, and sociological conditions which conspired to make such an event possible? Who, if anyone, is responsible for this newest phase in our history? How did the election of an “insane clown president” controvert or confirm our understandings of our historical moment and our beliefs about historical process? This panel welcomes papers that reflect on the various narratives which purport to explain the rise of Donald Trump and the type of politics that he represents, in the interest of comparatively assessing each narrative’s explanatory potential. In so doing, this panel hopes to cultivate a multifaceted understanding of a phenomenon which cannot be understood except multifacetedly.


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