Cultural Reflections on Science and Technology: 17th Century to the Present

deadline for submissions: 
June 10, 2019
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Pacific Ancient and Modern Langauge Association (PAMLA)
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Seeking 15-minute conference paper presentations about how literature, film, the visual arts, or other cultural products have documented, challenged, and influenced the cultural adaption of scientific practices and products from the rise of the scientific method in 17thcentury to the present day. Presentations may reflect on the range of human emotions prompted by the changes brought to culture by science and technology, from horror and anxiety to humor and hope. Of interest also are presentations that give consideration to key moments in the integration of technology into culture as reflected upon in works of literature, art, film, etc.

Possible paper topics include (but are not limited to):

  • the 1660s rise of the scientific method and technology advancements of the microscope, telescope, etc. as promoted by the Royal Society in London, England (or other similar early scientific organizations across Europe and the world); 
  • cultural reflections upon how scientific methods were applied to colonizing activities or industrialization of the 18thand 19thcenturies;
  • responses to the advanced technology of WWI;
  • 1970s as the era just before the wide-spread adaption of the personal computer;
  • the Y2K scare of the late 1990s.

Of special interest are studies of cultural products not primarily identified as science fiction, but rather works of literature (or art or film, etc.) that reflect on how science and technology are experienced as lived, earth-bound human experience. 

This panel is part of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Assocaition (PAMLA) conference to be held in the Wyndham San Diego Bayside, in San Diego, CA  (USA) on Thursday,  November 14 through. Sunday, November 17,  2019. All accepted proposals will require in-person presentation of papers (i.e. no distance delivery apparati are available). 

Proposals for this panel should be submitted through the PAMLA conference website's CFP portal, which is linked here: Click on "Call for Paper" link below photo of the San Diego bay.

Questions regarding this panel may be directed to Lora Geriguis (