UPDATE - Grotesque Realism: The Body and its Functions in the Contemporary American Novel - PAMLA 2019

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July 10, 2019
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Pacific Ancient Modern Language Association 2019 - San Diego
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PAMLA 2019 - Grotesque Realism: The Body and its Functions in the Contemporary American Novel 

At the center of the carnival, the human body serves as material locus for both bacchanalic chaos and collective community through its universal and at the same time individual needs—food, sex, elimination. This panel invites papers that explore the presentation of the body in the contemporary American novel explicitly through a Bakhtinian lens. How do today’s writers utilize the human body—and its temporality—to challenge hegemonic discourses of Americanization and identity, language, gender hierarchies, etc.? Even as its most vulnerable and/or oppressed, might the body serve as a site of political resistance and of social empowerment, of individual freedom and of human unity, within the present-day novel? Long a centralized trope, how does the human body function within current fiction as a metaphoric means of challenging genre, language privilege or other literary boundaries, such as “realism”?  Papers that focus on writers of color and women writing novels in the U.S. that explore the racialized, enthic and/or gendered body through the Bakhtinian carnivalesque are especially welcome. Submit abstract by July 10 at: https://pamla.ballastacademic.com/Home/S/17970