Inaugural Issue

deadline for submissions: 
December 12, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
The Menstrual: Radical Feminist Literary Magazine

The Menstrual is an accessible online literary magazine that publishes written and creative works which discuss, debate, represent and promote radical feminist theory. With a new issue published quarterly, submissions are welcome anytime of the year. Innovative, unique, autonomous, and original work that explores women's liberation from patriarchal oppression are sought.The Menstrual is an inclusive literary magazine that rejects institutional and male-based oppression, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, classism and ageism, heteronormative, and anti-feminist language/concepts/ideas.

New submissions are received via email. In the covering email, please include the author or artist’s name, contact information (minimum email address, country of residence), and a brief biographical statement (4-6 sentences in length), outlining previous publications and/or exhibitions, academic and/or work experience, research interests, and any additional information deemed relevant to the submission. Original work that has not been accepted for publication elsewhere will be considered. If your work has been accepted for publication in The Menstrual, a confirmation email detailing the proposed publication issue and date will be sent. 

Please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing your work for submission:


All original forms of visual artwork are welcomed. This includes (and is not limited to), graphic memoirs and graphic fiction/non-fiction, comics and cartoons, illustrated poetry, photography, drawings (pencil, charcoal, ink, black and white or colour), painting, screen-prints, images of sculptures. Please submit no more than 5 images in the submission.


Include a cover page on all written submissions that includes the author’s name, title of the work, and form, e.g. essay, film review, interview. 

Fiction: 5 000 word maximum for all original works of fiction.

Poetry: limit of 5 poems within one submission of no more than 100 lines. Please advise (and submit work as a .pdf) if formatting if relevant to the work. 

Creative works: this includes graphic memoirs and comics, short satirical pieces, open letters, personal essays, illustrated fiction or non-fiction, journalism, stories of travel and adventure.

Reviews: original reviews of fiction and non-fiction books, artwork, exhibitions, film, music and online phenomena are welcome. 

Academic studies: 7 000 word maximum for all academic studies. This includes a full reference list, any headings and sub-headings. Original essays in any discipline are welcome. APA 6th edition referencing system required. Aerial 11 point font with 1 line spacing and page numbers are also required.

Submissions are to be emailed to:


Copyright is the author/artists responsibility.
The Menstrual does not incur profits and as such cannot provide payment for any submissions and publications.
An independent collective of writers and artists, The Menstrual operates from Australia. No member of The Menstrual editorial collective, its sponsors or administrators assume any responsibility for the opinions or works published herein. Opinions are solely those of the authors and/or artists.