(Re)Envisioning Borders & Communities: Alternative Narratives Amplified

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September 15, 2019
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CSSA Presents--2019 FAU Graduate Arts & Letters Conference

CSSA Presents--

2019 FAU Graduate Arts & Letters Conference


(Re)Envisioning Borders & Communities: Alternative Narratives Amplified


Friday October 25 & Saturday October 26


Not only have contemporary politics emphasized the presence of physical borders and their significant role in the political sphere, but the concept of borders presents problems and opportunities in many areas. There are the obvious questions about the role and power of the nation-state, but borders have also featured in the way humans have traditionally understood our bodies, social identities, and relationships with each other and our “environment”. Borders create problems in cultural studies, often prioritizing hegemonic voices through the concepts of canon, citizen, and center. Indeed, the very idea of community necessarily involves the framing of borders; in order for there to be an in-group, there must be something which defines and creates an out-group. With this in mind, we find ourselves asking: who creates and establishes these borders? What kinds of borders are hard, what kinds are porous? What might it mean to be both in and out of a community at the same time? What are the ethics of border-making and border crossing, and how might we (re)imagine systems of borders and bridges and the communities defined by them? At this year’s FAU Graduate Arts & Letters Conference, we will seek to recenter and reframe the conversations we have about borders, focusing on the stories of those from marginalized positions and folx who are working to (re)envision the various borders present in contemporary society. Global society is outgrowing so many of the boundaries we have historically imposed that it demands a call to action.


The Florida Atlantic University Comparative Studies Student Association invites paper submissions in and around the conference theme and keywords.

Conference Themes: African American Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Book History, Border Studies, Caribbean Studies, Comparative Politics, Critical Animal Studies, Critical Theory, Cultural Theory, Decolonization Studies, Diaspora Studies, Digital Humanities, Ecocriticism and Environmental Studies, Empire Studies, Engaged Scholarship, Hemispheric Black Studies, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Gender Studies, Historical Narrative Studies, Hybridity, Indigenous Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Latin American Studies, Latinx Studies, Linguistics and Linguicide Studies, Memory Studies, Migration Studies, Narrative Studies, Popular Culture Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Posthumanities, Preservation Studies, Print Culture, Queer Studies, Religious Studies, Rhetorical Studies, Service Learning, Sexuality Studies, Sociology, Trauma Studies, Whiteness Studies, Women's Studies, Writing Studies.


Please submit a 250 word proposal to faucssaconference@gmail.com


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Deadline to submit: September 15, 2019