Reflexive Altered Spaces in the Anthropocene

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June 10, 2019
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Dee Horne/PAMLA conference
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Increasing disparities of wealth, inequalities, and unfairness have led to social protests, civil wars, and other forms of unrest in many parts of the world. Extreme climate changes causing droughts, forest fires, floods, hurricanes, and other disasters strain already limited and finite resources and have led to social unrest and to displacement and migration of citizens in search of basic necessities: food, water, shelter. Other forces and events have disrupted the stability of Earth’s systems throughout deep time, but the Anthropocene is the only age distinguished by at least the opportunity for human self-awareness and reflexivity regarding the agency of change. The language we use in discussing the Anthropocene is a turning away from the natural, a turning back on ourselves as we understand ourselves in language. The stories we tell, or do not tell, influence how we react to environmental change and how we choose to live in the Anthropocene. Art can be self-reflexive and inspire us to change our behaviors and work to create more sustainable alternatives, new ways of relating that preferably do not harm, or at least mitigate, harm to the planet. Human activities have unarguably altered Earth biotically, geo-mechanically, chemically, and radioactively. Language, and in specific ways poetry, alters itself through the four fundamental operations or categories of tropic change: addition, omission, transposition, permutation. In this creative conversation, we invite panelists who integrate theory and practice to illustrate how art offers opportunities for reflexive human awareness in the Anthropocene.



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PAMLA’s 117th annual conference will be held in San Diego, CA from Thursday, November 14 until Sunday, November 17, at the Wyndham San Diego Bayside hotel. For more  details about the conference, see: 

 Abstract proposal deadline is June 10.

You can submit your own art or discuss how other artists integrate theory and practice in the Anthropocene.