Careers Beyond Academia: A Roundtable

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June 8, 2019
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PAMLA, 117th Annual Conference - San Diego, 14-17th November
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The changes in the job market and the difficulties for landing a tenure track academic position have been a game changer during the last five years. As many graduate programs in the country have decided to accept lesser students annually, others have devised innovative solutions and have highly engaged in training students beyond academia. This roundtable aims at opening a conversation about professional careers outside academia. The roundtable welcomes speakers who have experience working beyond academia and can guide students and peers towards a professional career path. It also welcomes speakers who have trained graduate students to fields beyond the traditional academic tenure track job search, by devising innovative projects and/or collaborations with public and private institutions. It also looks for speakers that see the role of an academic beyond instruction and have had a leadership role in projects aiming at disseminating knowledge outside academia.

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