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May 15, 2019
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Old Wine in New Bottles: Re-Canonizing the Timeless Word



Concept Note


“Just as time seems to be running out, timeless things try to slip back into human awareness.” 
Michael Meade, The Genius Myth


The term literary canon refers to that which can be trusted to be the best literature – works worth preserving and passing on to progeny. A place in the canon confers timelessness, guarantees quality and promises aesthetic value. Of late, literary studies have conceded that the process of literary canonization tends to favour the powerful while relegating and marginalizing the powerless, irrespective of literary merit. Students and research scholars, however, are very much aware of an unintentional ‘de-canonization’ taking shape within the academy. Bound by “national interests”, need for theory, fear of being ‘overworked’ and clamour for the latest and the newest, literary research unwittingly ‘outdates’ and thereby marginalizes those within the canon. In an age where even “the centre cannot hold”, canonical authors and texts are shut out of the research arena. As the Foucauldian critic Paul Bove asks, “How is it established that these criteria are not themselves part of the ‘regime of truth’ whose function in our society lead… to regulative authority for intellectuals”?


Jerome McGann’s postulation of critical historicism regards history not only as an interpretive process but also as one that scrutinizes taken-for-granted presuppositions. Past perspectives are critically reassessed in the light of current socio-economic attitudes. As TS Eliot says, “art never improves, but… the material of art is never quite the same”. The present volume intends to view literary canon as an infinite repertoire of values and interpretations, eternally challenging us to excavate and uncover meanings and evaluations based on a clear-sighted understanding of the present. Research articles are invited from students, research scholars and the academia at large scrutinizing the aforementioned issues pertaining to research, literary canon and critical historicism. Studies on classical and canonical authors and texts in the light of present values, theories and concerns shall form the crux of the volume.


We welcome scholarly contributions from the fields of literature and language, history and culture, stage and costumes, gender and performance. However other relevant topics are also encouraged for submission.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:


  1. The Literary Canon
  2. Classic Literary Theory and Criticism
  3. Modern Literary Theory and Criticism
  4. Texts, Translations and Adaptations
  5. Film Studies
  6. Pedagogy and Education
  7. Language and Culture




Volume Editor

Sneha Jani MA, B.Ed, MPhil

Deep Learning through Transformative Pedagogy

University of Queensland, Australia


Email the abstract (maximum 300 words) to timelesswordjournal@gmail.com by 15 May 2019. Acceptance will be intimated by 16 May 2019. Full papers (1500 to 3000 words) are expected by 31 May 2019.


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