Alice in Wonderland in Film and Popular Culture

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September 1, 2019
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Dr. Antonio Sanna
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Alice in Wonderland in Film and Popular Culture

Edited by Antonio Sanna

Lewis Carroll’s Alice texts have survived the Victorian age and have thrived in popularity until the contemporary times. Written originally for children, the two books have transcended that audience. They are part of the background of every educated Englishman and American as much as of today’s popular culture. The two texts have offered fertile ground for uncountable readings and, simultaneously, Alice has been animated, annotated, musicalized and converted into comic strips. Over forty adaptations for cinema and televisions have been produced since 1903, including the 1951 version by Disney, Harry Harris’ 1985 adaptation, and the 1999 TV film directed by Nick Willing. On the other hand, tens of films have merely quoted and alluded to Carroll’s books, distancing themselves from the original texts and thus re-writing them through a different medium (as is the case of Jan Švankmayer’s 1988 production and of Tim Burton’s 2010 film, but also of Dreamchild, The Matrix, the 2009 science-fiction mini-series, and the Resident Evil saga). Alice has also been illustrated by over 150 different artists, from Carroll himself and John Tenniel to Salvador Dalì, and the fictional young girl has become the patron saint of the Surrealists.

Carroll’s texts continue therefore to generate numerous adaptations in different media. This collection seeks to analyze the “curioser and curioser” evolution of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass in the past century and a half, confronting the various adaptations with the original texts and explaining the significance of the new productions at the time of their release. Contributions are invited on the following topics:

  • ·         Carroll’s legacy
  • ·         Issues of adaptation
    • ·         Representations of madness
    • ·         Nonsense and linguistic issues
    • ·         The significance of the Jabberwocky
    • ·         Human interpreters and animals
    • ·         Representations of childhood and ageing
    • ·         Fairy tales
    • ·         Gender and queer readings
    • ·         Philosophical readings
    • ·         Psychoanalytical readings
  •        ·         Exploration of dreams and the subconscious
  • ·         Fear of the Other
  • ·         Cultural studies and popular culture
    • ·         Class consciousness
    • ·         Science and science fiction
    • ·         Music videos
    • ·         Alice merchandise and toys
    • ·         Items of furniture or clothing
    •           Fandom


The anthology will be organized into thematic sections around these topics and others that emerge from submissions. I am open to works that focus on other topics as well and authors interested in pursuing other related lines of inquiry. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the project and please share this announcement with colleagues whose work aligns with the focus of this volume.

            Please submit a 300-500 word abstract of your proposed chapter contribution, a brief CV and complete contact information to Dr. Antonio Sanna ( by the 1st of September, 2019. Full chapters would be due upon signing a contract with a publisher. Note: all full chapters submitted will be included subject to review.