Intercultural Studies Beyond Checkpoints

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July 30, 2019
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Rhetoric and Communications Journal
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The history of mankind/humanities is marked by intercultural contacts among different societies, be it in development contexts such as trades, business, religious encounters, diplomatic and academic exchanges, or be in conflictual contexts such as war incarceration, human trafficking, forced migration, and annexations.

Propelled by globalization, the first decades of the 21st century witness a growing trend of old (i.e. face to face interactions) and new (i.e. digital/online interactions) forms of intercultural contacts in both development and conflictual contexts. Intercultural contacts consist of an interplay of interlocutors’ interactions, languages, communications, behaviours, and emotions that are dynamic, non-linear, and emergent.

Bearing this in mind, intercultural studies have attracted various disciplines such as linguistic/applied linguistic (e.g. discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, pragmatics), social psychology, anthropology, philosophy, and education.

Hence, Rhetoric and Communication Journal invites scholars to contribute to intercultural studies by submitting original articles concerning one of the following themes from either a theoretical or empirical perspective:


1-      Discursive practices of intercultural interactions in mass emigration/refugee movements

2-      Implications of intercultural learning/pedagogy in multicultural societies

3-      Theoretical trends in intercultural linguistics

4-     Contributions of intercultural empathy to Peace Studies

5-     Relation between language learning and intercultural competence in Second Language Acquisition Studies

6-     Contributions of intercultural research to Migration Studies

7-     Representations of Intercultural Discourse in journalistic media or political platforms

8-     Linguistic framework of intercultural communication studies

9-     Intercultural rhetoric and production of texts in a foreign language

10- Intercultural interaction in conflictive contexts

11- Intercultural organization/business and leadership style

12- Intercultural communication/experiences in academic mobility

13- Intercultural relationships in interethnic families

14- Intercultural sensitivity in marketing/advertisement

15- Intercultural pedagogy in eLearning/computer-mediated teaching

16- Intercultural interaction/communication in social media

17- Intercultural competence and research design 

18- Intercultural meanings in translation studies

19- Intercultural competence in doctor-patient interaction

20- Intercultural competence in legal practice



-        We invite unpublished manuscripts that range from 3500 to 5000 words.

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