Religion in American Literature (San Diego, CA; Nov. 14-17, 2019)

deadline for submissions: 
June 10, 2019
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Pacific Ancient & Modern Language Association
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This session examines the relationship between religion and American literature. In particular, it welcomes papers that explore the topic of theodicy in contemporary American literature. How have the events following 9/11, and the developments in post-secular and trauma studies made the question of theodicy a more vital, urgent topic in our contemporary moment? How has 9/11 transformed the ways in which Americans think about the problem of evil? How has this event and other acts of terror influenced our cultural imaginations of suffering and death? How have contemporary American writers contributed to the conversations about the presence or absence of God in suffering?

Please submit a 350-word abstract by June 10th through the PAMLA website (https://pamla. 17903)