Race, Gender & Power: An Inquisition of Identity Politics in South Asian Literature

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September 30, 2019
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Northeast Modern Language Assoc
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This panel will explore the complex and evolving relationships between race, gender and power in South Asian Culture. Because of the complexity of these issues, we are not insisting on a specific time-frame. While the accent will be on contemporary life, participants may want to focus on the past, near or distant.

It is an often-accepted critical truism that South Asian Literature is post-colonial genre and is devoid of its focus on narratives of power politics between genders and their resistance in its literature. Thus, the fight to highlight themes that deal with women and the negation of their identity, queer males, queer Sufis, raped men and the under belly of south Asian taboos within larger texts is more important than ever. South Asia with its rich and diverse literary background was never short of themes on queer genre but the practice was so normative at the same time so tabooed that it rarely found its way in literature.


Topics of interest might include but are not limited to the following:

Challenges and Constructions of homosexual masculinity and of accepting homosexual tolerance

Women, Race and Power

Power struggle of the intersex

Construction of queer identities and practices

Gender-fluidity, flexibility and spectrum in Films and or but not limited to literature.

Non-conformity to biological or psychological queer identities in south Asian literature.