'Small' Cinema Industries of the Hispanic and Lusophone World

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2019
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Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)

When it comes to film production in the Hispanic and Lusophone worlds, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil are, without a doubt, the industry leaders. These nations have many financial resources, equipment, and distributors that allow for the production of commercially successful films; however, countries in the Hispanic and Lusophone worlds with even smaller film industries have in recent years managed to produce some noteworthy films by finding co-producers (through Ibermedia), film festival funds, and even through distribution deals through Netflix. For example, Where the Road Runs Out (2014) became the first film to ever be shot in Equatorial Guinea. This panel seeks to examine the cinema industries from nations in the Hispanic and Lusophone world that have “small” film industries such as Equatorial Guinea, Lusophone Africa, Central America, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, and others. Given the fewer number of films produced by these nations, scholarship is often scarce, but analyzing the output of these film industries provides new insights and allows for a deeper understanding of their cultures. Possible discussion topics include but are not limited to: challenges of film production / financing / distribution, the role of the film festival circuit, depictions of popular culture, the influence of Hollywood, social inequality, legacies of colonialism, the roles of women, preservation of memory, rural vs urban life, civil wars, and power struggles. Submissions will be accepted in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Please submit abstracts of roughly 250 words using the link below by September 30th.