NeMLA 2020 Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology: Writing Studies Pedagogy in the Digital Age

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September 30, 2019
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Northeast Modern Language Association 2020
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This panel examines the teaching of college writing, rhetoric, and composition in the digital age by exploring rhetorical situations, genres, and technologies in both the professional and academic realms, with particular attention to digital rhetoric, pedagogy, information and media literacy, and literary and cultural studies. This panel engages deeply with NeMLA’s conference theme of “shared spaces and places” online and in the classroom, and focuses on the cutting-edge of “shaping languages and cultures” in the digital sphere.

In today’s digital and technological world, information flows and the ways through which we interact, communicate, and engage with one another are influenced by our increasingly networked society.  Some of the most critical conversations of our moment center on biased algorithms, deceptive artificial intelligence, online surveillance, cybersecurity, privacy rights, disinformation/propaganda machines, and more. The need for information literacy and mastery of digital rhetoric and technology are no longer just critical skills, but essential tools through which to navigate contemporary discourses. Modern-day writing can include anything from an essay to a book to a blog post to a tweet to a meme to a music video to a film and so on. The genres and modes of writing are expanding, as are the strategies and approaches to the teaching of writing. In this new and growing “shared place and space,” how do we approach the teaching of college writing in order to meet the market needs of our students?


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Chelsea L. Horne

Professorial Lecturer

Department of Literature

American University