Rhetorical Theory Panel for PAMLA, San Diego

deadline for submissions: 
June 10, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
Pacific Ancient and Modern Languages Association
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This panel welcomes papers that chart recent movements in rhetorical theory—in particular, papers on developments in rhetoric’s connection to materiality, inclusive of broad movements in “new materialism,” “agential realism,” “vitalism,” “object-oriented ontology,” and “object-oriented rhetoric,” and others. Possible questions to be considered: is “agency” uniquely human? Does agency extend into the non- or transhuman domain? To what extent do objects, materials, and environments rhetorically impact human decisions? Finally, the panel welcomes papers that explore the consequences of conflicting answers to these questions, which bear on human agency: on our capacity to speak, listen, make arguments, persuade, and create change—on our capacity to act freely and effectively, that is to say rhetorically.