The Impact of American Superheroes around the World (NeMLA 2020)

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September 30, 2019
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Northeast Modern Language Association
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No one escapes Marvel’s Endgame: the economic and cultural impact of the past few decades’ boom in superhero movies, and more broadly superhero narratives, is evident well beyond the boundaries of the United States. In fact, the presence and influence of American comic-book superheroes abroad started shortly after the debut of DC's Superman in 1938, and has been growing ever since. This session welcomes abstracts considering, among other objects of study, international emulations of the genre (such as Canada’s Nelvana of the Northern Lights, Britain’s Marvelman, the Philippines’ Durna, Israel’s Sabraman, Kuwait’s The 99, Chile’s Mirageman, Nigeria’s Guardian Prime, Pakistan’s Burka Avenger, France’s Ladybug, or South Africa’s Kwezi), looser adaptations (Mexico’s Santo and the lucha libre filmography in general, Japan’s Ultraman, China’s The Heroic Trio, Argentina’s Cybersix, India’s Krrish, Russia’s Black Lightning), critical parodies (France’s Astérix, Mexico’s Chapulín Colorado, Spain’s Superlópez, Finland’s Peräsmies, Japan’s Zebraman, Malaysia’s Cicak Man), unofficial appropriations (Italy’s Three Fantastic Supermen, Turkey’s 3 Dev Adam, India’s Superman, the Philippines’ Alyas Batman en Robin), as well as influences on art style and narrative structure (Japan’s One-Punch Man and My Hero Academia) in both comics and audiovisual media.

Please submit a 300-word abstract and brief biographical statement by September 30, 2019 directly through NeMLA's system:

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