New Book Series: Precarity and Contingency

deadline for submissions: 
August 30, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
CSU Open Press and the Center for the Study of Academic Labor
contact email: 

From Sue Doe and Seth Kahn, co-editors:


We are excited to offer our first call for proposals for a new book series called Precarity and Contingency, published by the Colorado State University Open Press and sponsored by the CSU Center for the Study of Academic Labor.


Deadline: August 30, 2019

Decisions: Early October 2019


What we want to publish

Precarity & Contingency publishes scholarship—broadly construed to include empirical (both quantitative and qualitative), historical, and critical/theoretical projects—on precarious academic labor. While our focus is primarily on academic labor in higher education, we encourage projects that expand their scope to include other labor issues on campuses (including K-12) and/or precarity in labor sectors outside education. We encourage new visions of/innovations in leadership in the academic environment that might more effectively address current labor crises. We also encourage projects that explore intersections of academic labor activism with other forms of activism, such as LGBTQA, gender, race equality, ability/disability activism, and environmentalism, among others.


For more information on genres/formats, click HERE.


What we need from you

Proposals should include:

  • Overview of the project

  • Review of existing literature that may compete with the proposed project

  • Table of contents

  • Approximate length

  • Qualifications of the editor(s)/author(s)

  • Introduction and sample chapters (if possible)

We ask that authors follow the MLA 8th edition.


Submit proposals via email to Seth Kahn <>. For inquiries/queries, contact either Seth or Sue Doe <>.