Edited Collection: Southeast Asian Media and Popular Culture & the Environment (EXTENDED DEADLINE)

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August 1, 2019
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Jason Paolo Telles
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Extended Deadline: August 1, 2019

Edited Collection: Southeast Asian Media and Popular Culture & the Environment BOOK EDITORS John Charles Ryan, University of New England, Australia Jason Paolo R. Telles, University of the Philippines Baguio Environmental images and representations have proliferated in recent years in media and pop cultural texts due to the widespread recognition of their powerful role in informing audiences about urgent ecological issues. Rust, Monani, and Cubitt, for instance, acknowledge “that popular cultural artifacts are at least as significant mediators of the human-environmental relationship and its attendant anxieties and joys as are literature and the fine arts” (Rust et al. 2016, 4). Ecomedia scholars have emphasised the importance of reading various forms of mass media and popular culture from the perspectives of ecology, sustainability, climate change and the Anthropocene. Notable works in this subfield of ecocriticism include Rust, Monani, and Cubitt’s Ecocinema Theory and Practice (2013) and Ecomedia: Key Issues (2016) as well as Rayson K. Alex, S. Susan Deborah and Sachindev P.S.’s Culture and Media: Ecocritical Explorations (2014), and Alex and Deborah’s Ecodocumentaries: Critical Essays (2016). Meanwhile, the limited literature of Southeast Asian ecomedia studies is scattered in various journals such as Utopian Studies and Environmental Communication, and books such as Southeast Asian Ecocriticism: Theories, Practices, Prospects (2018). There is yet to be published a scholarly book dedicated specifically to ecocritical readings of Southeast Asian mass media and popular culture artifacts. This edited collection aims to fill this gap. Scholars of Southeast Asian mass media and popular culture, therefore, are invited to contribute proposals for book chapters that develop ecocritical readings of various forms of mass media and popular culture texts produced in Southeast Asia (Brunei, Cambodia, Timor Leste, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam). The editors invite you to propose a chapter on a relevant subject within Southeast Asian ecomedia studies including, but not limited to: - Broadcast media (radio and TV) and the environment
- Green cinema and ecodocumentaries - Ecodigital art, digital environmental literature, ecopoetics and ecopoetry - Critical animal, plant and media studies - Cultural botany, literary ethnobotany and human-plant relations - Musical recordings and the natural world
- Environmental ethics, values, climate change and sustainability - Feminist and Queer ecocritical readings - Postcolonial ecocritical readings of Southeast Asian media texts - Southeast Asian religions, spiritualities, worldviews and belief systems - Environmentalism and activism in and through social media - Indigenous media, popular culture and nature - Images and representations of littoral, marine, estuarine, wetland and riverine environments Please submit a 250-300 word abstract and a 50-word bio-note to Dr. John Ryan (john.c.ryan@uwa.edu.au) and Prof. Jason Paolo Telles (jrtelles@up.edu.ph) by 1 AUGUST 2019. Authors will be notified by 15 August 2019. Two (2) reputable international publishers have already expressed interest in publishing this anthology. Reference: Rust, Stephen, Salma Monani, and Sean Cubitt. 2016. “Introduction: Ecologies of Media.” In Ecomedia: Key Issues (London and New York: Routledge).