ASECS 2020 Roundtable: Mapping Rival Geographies: Migrations, Crosscurrents, and Intimacies

deadline for submissions: 
September 15, 2019
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Kristina Huang, Univ of Wisconsin, Madison, and Mona Narain, TCU.
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Mapping Rival Geographies: Migrations, Crosscurrents, and Intimacies

This interdisciplinary roundtable (for ASECS 2020 in Saint Louis) invites participants to explore circulations and movements of people, material goods, and ideas across oceans in the long eighteenth century 1660-1830. Isabel Hofmeyr, Lisa Lowe, and others have demonstrated the deep connections between the Black Atlantic and Indian Ocean circuits of exchange in trade, human bodies, circulation of texts and ideas, colonialism and religion since the early modern period. What are the intersections and intimacies between, say, the Black Atlantic and Indian Ocean? How might crosscurrents of migration, labor, and colonial histories expand our understandings of race, empire, religion, and trade? Elaborating on the work of Edward Said and Stephanie Camp, this panel examines the movements of people, goods, and objects that might deepen our understanding of the entanglements between enslave-ment, indenture, colonial occupation, and incarceration. In particular, we invite participants to explore new geographic paradigms for reading South-South with Black Atlantic connections. When we think of rival geographies and Indian oceans circuits together, what kind of new cultural formations become evident to us? 

Please send 250 word abstracts and a brief bio to Kristina Huang at and Mona Narain at no later than Sept 15th, 2019.