Studies in Old Norse-Icelandic Literature

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September 15, 2019
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Daniel C. Najork
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Despite the fact that, as Jonas Wellendorf has recently pointed out, “students of Old Norse literature and literary culture have long been aware that hagiographical and ecclesiastical literature has a longer written history in the North than the native saga genres,” (The Routledge Research Companion to the Medieval Icelandic Sagas, 48)there is still, generally, an imbalance in the critical studies of Old Norse-Icelandic hagiography in comparison to studies of the konungasögur and Íslendigasögur. Hagiographical texts are as well, if not more, represented in the manuscript tradition, and the same scribes copying the most famous Íslendigasögur were also copying the sagas of saints, as research on the scriptorium at Möðruvellir has shown. This session thus seeks papers addressing any topic in Old Norse-Icelandic hagiography.

 Papers might address the connections between the sagas of saints and other genres of medieval Icelandic literature, techniques of translation, the transmission and use of sources, the provenance of manuscripts, or what new editions of the sagas of saints – or whole manuscripts – might look like.

 Please send a 500-word abstract and the Participant Information Form ( to by September 15th.