NeMLA 2020–Cowboys and Capitalists: Mythic Figures of Masculinity in Nineteenth-Century American Literature

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
Diana H. Polley, Professor of English/Southern New Hampshire University
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This NeMLA roundtable will engage the subject of masculinity in nineteenth-century American literature and culture, specifically through the landscape of two opposing mythic masculine figures: the American cowboy and the American capitalist. This session invites proposals that focus on either or both of these two critical representations of masculinity. How does the image of the cowboy and/or capitalist function in nineteenth-century American literature and culture and, more broadly, allow us to understand the complexities of masculinity and gender in nineteenth-century American society? Furthermore, how might we begin to trace these nineteenth-century cultural constructions in current conversations surrounding toxic masculinity in America? NeMLA will take place 9/5-9/8/20 in Boston, MA. Please submit a 300-word abstract by 9/30/2019 to