ICMS 2020: Teaching the Middle Ages with Inclusivity and Diversity

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September 6, 2019
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Medieval Academy of America’s Graduate Student Committee
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Roundtable Description:

In light of recent developments politically and within the field of Medieval studies concerning race, white supremacist factions, LGBTQ* needs, and the #MeToo movement, there is a necessity for more discussions on how to approach pedagogy and teaching in the Medieval studies classroom. For graduate students who are just beginning to teach, building teaching philosophies and a toolkit of approaches to confronting misogyny, racism, and exclusivity is important. We hope to provide a space with this roundtable for discussing constructive approaches to the classroom in regards to these complex issues. Pedagogical frameworks of inclusivity and diversity will be encouraged in the discussion and presentations. We will also encourage participants to develop both philosophical and practical discussions for developing more inclusive diverse teaching of the Middle Ages that stresses content, including examples of syllabi and assignments, but especially presenting primary and secondary readings, images, and artifacts alongside discussions of pedagogical strategies.


Please consider submitting an abstract by Friday, September 6th 2019


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Natalie Whitaker Natalie.whitaker@slu.edu