The Other #MeToos

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September 25, 2019
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American Comparative Literature Association ACLA
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Ever since the inception of #MeToo, conversations have largely circled around the movement as it evolved and exists in the United States. Despite multiple sessions on #MeToo at multiple conferences, I failed to find any that specifically focuses on the reception, translation, and adaptation of #MeToo in non-Western and postcolonial contexts. To fill this gap, this session, “The Other #MeToos,” aims to explore how #MeToo, a popularly Western-centric feminist movement, translates to religiously, geographically, politically, and academically Othered places and Othered women.

Though we can extend the transnational and postcolonial conversations to #MeToo, the movement’s situation in the fourth wave feminism makes it methodologically different. This session is rooted in the following important political and critical ideas: #MeToo has become a transnational feminist movement; #MeToo, like other feminist movements, works effectively through adaptation and provisions rather than replication; #MeToo assumes a different face in postcolonial, transnational, and Islamic feminism, hence requires different theoretical approaches; these theoretical approaches need be closely connected with feminist praxis.

I am looking for panelists who, via eclectic, intersectional, and interdisciplinary approaches, bring together their personal and academic experience of the reception, translation, adaptation, and praxis of #MeToo in diverse political and academic locations. I hope that this seminar can spark significant newer conversations within existing postcolonial, transnational, indigenous, and Islamic feminisms – help build feminist alliances and inform feminist praxis in non-Western peripheries.

I invite speakers to submit 250-300-word paper proposal and 150-200-word long bio at this email address:

The deadline for proposal submission is September 25th, 2019. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me at the same address as above.