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Writing without Writing: Fragments and Survivance

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 - 5:23pm
ACLA 2020
deadline for submissions: 
Monday, September 23, 2019

Since the nineteenth century to the present, fragmentary writing has been widely deployed in literature and philosophy (i.e. Ernst Bloch, Schlegel, Mallarmé, Adorno, Maurice Blanchot, Kafka, Beckett etc.) as a strategy to disrupt the idea of totality by and through writing. Fragmentary writing as an incomplete totality, bears absent voices and traces and alludes to a whole.

CFP: Digital Bridges: Using Networked Technologies to Connect Composition's Stakeholders

Thursday, September 5, 2019 - 3:21pm
Patricia Webb Boyd/Arizona State University
deadline for submissions: 
Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Call for Proposals—Special Issue of Computers and Composition:Digital Bridges:  Using Networked Technologies to Connect Composition’s Stakeholders


Guest Editors: Savanna Conner (Arizona State University) and Patricia Webb Boyd (Arizona State University)


Academic Administrative Leadership (CEA 3/26-28/2020)

Thursday, September 5, 2019 - 3:16pm
College English Association
deadline for submissions: 
Friday, November 1, 2019

Call for Papers, Academic Administrative Leadership at CEA 2020

March 26-28, 2020 | Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Hilton Head Marriott Resort and Spa

The College English Association, a gathering of scholar-teachers in English studies, welcomes proposals for presentations on Academic Administrative Leadership for our 51st annual conference. Submit your proposal at www.cea-web.org

Anglo Saxonica

Thursday, September 5, 2019 - 3:15pm
University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies
deadline for submissions: 
Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Anglo Saxonica is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes original and innovative research on a variety of issues relevant to the study of English(es), broadly understood both as language and as all the literatures and cultures of the English-speaking world. In so doing, Anglo Saxonica also promotes dialogue among English-speaking geocultural areas. Its editorial policy promotes the thematic cohesion of each volume, open to different academic approaches on current issues in English and American studies, including original research articles, reviews, interviews and selections of creative writing. The journal also publishes special issues with a particular thematic focus that are guest-edited by leading scholars in the field.

The Object as Process. Call for Essays Situating Artistic Practice (DEADLINE EXTENDED)

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 4:21am
German A. Duarte
deadline for submissions: 
Saturday, November 30, 2019


As a research team devoted to artistic practice, we are motivated by the questions: How does artistic practice lead to the production of knowledge? How does, in turn, artistic knowledge relate to its material base? How does contingent materiality guide the artist towards finding form and developing a statement?

The proposed volume is consecrated to the object as a process in order to offer new insights into the ways the object (broadly construed, comprising digital and other non-classical objects) becomes an active element in artistic practice. This exploration intends to furnish a better understanding of artistic production.

Writing a Cosmos: European Literature and Popular Astronomy, 1890-1950 (CfP)

Friday, August 30, 2019 - 8:19am
Christoph Richter
deadline for submissions: 
Tuesday, October 15, 2019

By the turn of the twentieth century, the ‘new astronomy’ had developed into a proper scientific discipline, with its own sets of instruments, its own journals, its own jargon, and its own interpretative authority. With the acceleration of new discoveries and insights into stellar phenomena, the emerging mass media ensured that this astronomical knowledge fascinated an even wider audience in the late 19th and early 20th century. At the same time, literature across Europe responded to the fascinating astronomical developments in a variety of modes, styles, and genres.