Female Voices of Dissent in Italian Transnational literature

deadline for submissions: 
September 28, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
Lidia Radi/ NEMLA
contact email: 

Please consider submitting your work to the following roundtable for the NEMLA conference 2020 in Boston, MA. Title: Female Voices of Dissent in Italian Transnational LiteratureChairs: Lidia Radi (University of Richmond) and Simona Wright (The College of New Jersey) 

This roundtable will explore voices of female dissent in the literature produced by transnational writers. How do women writers, narrators or protagonists assert themselves when they are relegated to the confined spaces of their country of origin or that of arrival? What do their stories tell us about the nuanced nature of dissent? What challenges do women face when they denounce the unjust systems they belong to? How does their dissent revolutionize their communities?

This roundtable welcomes works that investigate the question of dissent as it relates to women writers, narrators or protagonists in a transnational context.

Please send your abstract of 250-300 words to lradi@richmond.edu by September 28th, 2019 or submit it directly to the NEMLA website by September 30th, 2019.

Thank you,Lidia Radi