Urban planning and architectural design for sustainable development

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September 21, 2019
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The 4th Urban planning and architectural design for sustainable development-UPADSD

Online conference

Is an attempt to ease attending conferences, for professors, authors, and Ph.D. students/scholars

No travel costs, accommodation, time and effort 
All you need to present your research paper is an accepted paper from our scientific committee, laptop, stable internet connection, quiet place and publish with Springer ( long papers 10:12 papers long ), with a chance to index your research in Scopus, Web of Science databases 
the 4th International UPADSD video conference will address the following trending 5 topics of sustainable development from an architecture perspective ( Each topic has 5 sub-topics choose on that related to your research topic: 

• 1. City Planning: Urbanization and Development 
1: Urban Spaces, Society and its Culture 
2: Urban Sprawl, Boundaries and Greenbelt 
3: Built Environment: Impact and Approaches 
4: Sustainable and Natural Resources Management 
5: Planning Inspiration from Past and Innovation 

• 2. Past and Future: City's Image and Preservation 
1: Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Tourism 
2: Biomimetic Approaches to Architectural Design for Increased Sustainability 
3: Social Feedback and User's-Oriented Development 
4: Waterfronts, Corridors, and Buffers of the City 
5: Historic Preservation, Management, and Rehabilitation 

• 3. Compact Cities Context at Low and High Densities 
1: Compact City Debate: A Global Perspective 
2: Compact Cities in Developing Countries: Assessment and Implications 
3: The Regional Dimensions of the Compact City Debate 
4: The Need for Compact Development in Fast-Growing Areas 
5: Compact Policies for Megacities: Core Areas and Metropolitan Regions 

• 4. Evolving Architecture and Rethinking Cities 
1: Public Transportation Planning and Sustainable Networks 
2: Public Involvement in Sustainable Development 
3: Future Challenges for Contemporary Cities 
4: Infrastructure, Facilities, and Systems: New ICT Technologies and Sustainable Economy 
5: New Way Finding and Place-Making of the City 

• 5. Art and Defining the City 
1: Intersection of Public Art and City Planning 
2: Art Integration in Urban Morphology 
3: Arts, Culture, Identity, and Creative Place-Making 
4: Urban Culture: Cities Share their Experiences 
5: A Look inside Art and Creative Spaces 

before registration visit Author`s instructions section and download the submission template recommended by the scientific committee 
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