ACLA) Rewriting a Korean Feminist History: Gender, Sexuality, and Media in Motion

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September 23, 2019
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Soyi Kim / University of Minnesota
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Call for Papers for 2020 ACLA conferenceDue: September 23Contact & Submission of Individual Proposals to:Anat Schwartz ( or/andSoyi Kim ( Rewriting a Korean Feminist History: Gender, Sexuality, and Media in MotionConcurrent with the #MeToo movement in the United States beginning in late 2017, South Korea has seen an unprecedented rise in feminist activism, particularly in Internet-driven youth culture, through social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Adept at producing, sharing, and responding to textual, visual, and audio-visual media, Korean feminists have also started to publicly express political agendas, communicate, and organize around feminist issues on-and-off the Internet. The currently noted versatility of Korean feminism has galvanized many scholars into conducting hands-on research on contemporary feminist phenomena, and adopting different historiographical methodologies to demonstrate the interconnectivity between their media choices and fast-changing social factors in South Korea. This proposed seminar seeks out papers taking a cross-disciplinary and feminist approach to social and political movements throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. In particular, we hope contributions will focus on different feminist mediums and notions of gender and sexuality, situated in their particular historical time. We encourage submissions from any field that implement an interdisciplinary approach, including, but not limited to anthropology, gender and sexuality studies, cultural studies, area studies, media studies, comparative literature, queer and crip studies, and transnational studies. For more information: