deadline for submissions: 
September 9, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
The University of the West Indies St Augustine

2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the year of freedom from indentureship for Indian labour. Ninety-two years had elapsed between start of the system and this red letter day when they say the system finally collapsed. It was a relief for many of those caught by its myriad snares. The worlds and the subjectivities that were imbricated in the system, giving rise to it or succumbing to the weight of its oppression or emerging from under it, have not yet been fully explored. We are proposing an anthology of stories in your unheard voices in order to create an opportunity for exploration.


Can you write a story or a poem that imagines what it was like for someone from the Indian sub-continent to become an indentured labourer?

Can you imagine the experiences of the labourers in the Caribbean?

Would you like to praise their courage or lament their pain?

Do you want to consider in story and / or verse how someone might have made the decision not to return?

How do you relate the experiences of indentureship to the ways people think and behave now?


If you would like to respond in prose fiction, creative non-fiction or poetry to any of the above questions or to other questions that you have pondered yourself on the system of indentureship and its aftermath, please send us your work by the 30th November 2019. Stories should be no longer than 5 000 words. One or many poems in a collection should be no more than 1 000.


If your stories, creative non-fiction or poems are accepted for the anthology you will hear from us by 31st December 2019.


Email your submissions as a word attachment to Dr J Vijay Maharaj at  linesoflifenaipaul@gmail.com 

or at Vijay.Maharaj@sta.uwi.edu