Panel CfP: Affect, Theory, and the Emotions: Literary Feelings from the Age of Sensibility to the 21st Century / ESSE Conference, 31 Aug - 4 Sept 2020, Lyon, France

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January 15, 2020
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ESSE 2020 Panel, Lyon, France
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The study of affect and the (history of) emotions has transformed literary criticism in the past few decades. While many critics now agree that studying feeling and literature, in literature, or even through literature, have become legitimate pursuits, there is much debate concerning questions of theory, critical methodology, and interpretation (Greco 2008; Seigworth and Gregg, 2009; Keen 2010; Pedwell 2014). This seminar invites papers taking stock of the opportunities and debates in the wake of the Affective Turn in literary criticism through individual case studies from the 18th to the 21st centuries. Papers exploring specific affects in literary works (such as shame, fear, joy, etc.) and affective responses to fiction and poetry are particularly welcomed.

Scholars wishing to present their papers at the ESSE 2020 Conference are invited to submit abstracts of 200/250 words directly to the convenors by 15 January 2020.


* Veronika Ruttkay (Karoli Gaspar University, Hungary), ruttkay.veronika[at-sign]

 * Ildiko Csengei (University of Huddersfield, UK), I.Csengei[at-sign]

* Agnes Gyorke (Karoli Gaspar University, Hungary), agnesgyorke[at-sign]

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