Sixteenth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society

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February 3, 2020
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Common Ground Research Networks
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The Sixteenth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society will be held at the iHotel and Conference Center at the University of Illinois Research Park, Champaign, USA, 26–27 March 2020. 

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Founded in 2005, the Technology, Knowledge & Society Research Network is brought together by a shared interest in the complex and subtle relationships between technology, knowledge, and society. The International Conference on Technology, Knowledge & Society is built upon four key features: Internationalism, Interdisciplinarity, Inclusiveness, and Interaction. Conference delegates include leaders in the field as well as emerging scholars, who travel to the conference from all corners of the globe and represent a broad range of disciplines and perspectives. A variety of presentation options and session types offer delegates multiple opportunities to engage, to discuss key issues in the field, and to build relationships with scholars from other cultures and disciplines.


Founded in 1984, Common Ground is committed to building new kinds of knowledge communities, innovative in their media and forward-thinking in their messages. 

Heritage knowledge systems are characterized by vertical separations--of discipline, professional association, institution, and country. Common Ground Research Networks takes some of the pivotal challenges of our time and curates research networks which cut horizontally across legacy knowledge structures. Sustainability, diversity, learning, the future of humanities, the nature of interdisciplinarity, the place of the arts in society, technology's connections with knowledge, the changing role of the university--these are deeply important questions of our time which require interdisciplinary thinking, global conversations, and cross-institutional intellectual collaborations.

Common Ground Research Networks are meeting places for people, ideas, and dialogue. However, the strength of ideas does not come from finding common denominators. Rather, the power and resilience of these ideas is that they are presented and tested in a shared space where differences can meet and safely connect--differences of perspective, experience, knowledge base, methodology, geographical or cultural origins, and institutional affiliation. These are the kinds of vigorous and sympathetic academic milieus in which the most productive deliberations about the future can be held. We strive to create places of intellectual interaction and imagination that our future deserves.