Special Panel: Esoteric and Occult Politics (Esotericism & Occultism Area)

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November 24, 2019
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Southwest Popular/American Culture Association
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Special Panel CFP : Esoteric and Occult Politics

In the Esotericism & Occultism Area of the Southwest Popular/American Culture Association

Annual Conference, Albuquerque, February 19-22, 2020

Conspiracist beliefs have intersected with popular cultural conceptions of esoteric and occult political influence, or the practice of esotericism and occultism by political figures, since the Classical era, and probably for far longer.  The Esotericism & Occultism Area seeks paper proposals relating to any aspect of the interaction of popular culture with beliefs about esoteric and occult politics or the actual practice thereof.  Possible topics include, but are certainly not limited to: the beliefs and practices of political figures (real or imagined) as represented in popular media and culture; the use of popular beliefs about esoteric and occult practices as political propaganda (such as their deployment by political actors or the accusation that one’s opponents are deploying them); esoteric and occult beliefs about political figures or projected onto them; the fictional representation of esoteric and occult beliefs or practices associated with historical figures or with invented characters; the political activities or behavior of esoteric and occult organizations and/or their members, or the representation of this in popular media, fictional or otherwise. 

While three or four related papers will be selected for this special panel, the Area welcomes any submissions relating to esotericism & occultism in popular culture, and any proposals intended for this panel that are not selected for the panel will still be integrated into other panels.  If you would like to make a proposal or to receive the full CFP for the Area, please contact Dr. George Sieg, the Area Chair.


Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

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