Historicizing Slashers

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October 27, 2019
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Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association
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Historicizing Slashers

PCA/ACA National Conference

April 15-18, 2020

Philadelphia, PA, USA



On the eve of Friday the 13th celebrating its 40th anniversary, the concept of the “slasher” and the “slasher film” remains a topic of debate and discourse among horror scholars and fear film aficionados.

Though theorized and analyzed consistently for the past 30 years, slasher films possess a complex history, one that contains controversy (such as graphic violence, misogyny and the promotion of seemingly socially conservative “morals”), a labyrinthine origin and genealogy as well as alternating and shifting periods of popularity.

This panel looks toward the concepts of “Historicizing” and “History” – in all their iterations and understandings - to investigate the cultural and cinematic significance of this (sub/non) genre. This panel will explore the meanings, connotations, dynamics, systems and processes of “Historicizing” and “History” within - and surrounding – “slashers.” This can include personal histories, analytical approaches, archival projects, case studies, theoretical explorations as well as other configurations.


Possible Topics/Approaches Include:

Marketing and Visual Culture


Audience Reception


Archival Projects

Personal History

Case Studies



Queer Theory



Graphic Violence

Genre Theory




Fan Communities/Fan Production

Transmedial Iterations

Critical Theory


Please send an abstract, proposal or short description (100 words or less) of your project to Shannon Blake Skelton (sbskelton@ksu.edu) by October 27th, 2019 at 11pm (Central Standard).