Policing Identity, Surveilling Religion

deadline for submissions: 
December 1, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
Florida State University Department of Religion

Call for Papers:

The Florida State University Department of Religion’s

18th Annual Graduate Student Symposium

February 14-15, 2020 · Tallahassee, Florida

The Florida State University Department of Religion is pleased to announce its 18th Annual Graduate Student Symposium to be held February 14-15, 2020 in Tallahassee, Florida.

Last year’s symposium featured original research from over 50 presenters from over 15 universities, and disciplines as varied as History, Anthropology, Political Science, Literature, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Classics.

This year’s symposium will center on the theme “Policing Identity, Surveilling Religion.”

Dr. Lerone A. Martin, Washington University in St. Louis, will deliver this year’s keynote address.

Due to our commitment to collaborative scholarship, students from all fields and at all levels of graduate study with interdisciplinary interests in the study of religion are encouraged to submit.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

Surveillance, Policing, and Religion; Resistance, Revolution, and Radical Violence; Identifying the Self by Policing the Other; Religion and Incarceration; Secularisms and Religious Freedom; Privatizing Public Religion; Cults, Fanaticism, and Superstition; Religion, Terror, and the State; Colonialism, Empire, and the Subaltern; Occupation and Control of Religious Practice; Surveillance in/of Sacred Texts; Policing the Academy; Affect and Feeling Watched; Religion, Politics, and the State; Ethics of Surveillance; Policing Gender and Sexuality; Policing Religio-Racial Identities; Inter-Sectarian Conflict and Observation; Technology and the Aesthetics of Surveillance; Protest, Counter-Surveillance, and Abolition

Presentations should be approximately 15 to 20 minutes in length and will receive faculty responses. In addition, every year respondents select the best graduate paper to receive the Leo F. Sandon Award, an endowed award named for the Religion Department's former chair.

Proposals including an abstract of approximately 300 words, a list of key terms, and institutional affiliation should be submitted by December 1, 2019 for review. Final papers must be submitted by January 15, 2020. Please submit proposals via this provided link: https://tinyurl.com/y4mtar36.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you at the 2020 Graduate Student Symposium at Florida State University.