Eudora Welty and The Body

deadline for submissions: 
January 3, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Eudora Welty Society/ American Literature Association
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Welty and the Body

This panel will investigate representations of bodies in Eudora Welty’s fiction.  Papers could consider sexual bodies including questions of violence, exposure, sexual orientation, celibacy, queerness, and transgender moments. Papers might consider exploring racialized bodies and constructions of blackness, whiteness, and Native subjectivity.  They may focus on women’s bodies and questions of beauty and ugliness, the gothic and the grotesque, the diminutive and gargantuan. Topics could also address dead and undead bodies; the body as a site of memory, trauma, and imagination.   The call also includes material and economic bodies, traveling bodies, ecological bodies, as well as questions of normalcy and disability.  In other words, any aspect of Welty’s treatment of the body is welcome. 

Please send statements of intent now and 300-word proposals by January 3, 2020 to Annette Trefzer,