Polarization: Interdisciplinary Conference in the Humanities

deadline for submissions: 
January 7, 2020
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Carroll College
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“Polarization”: Interdisciplinary Conference in the Humanities

We seem to be living in an era of intense polarization, not only politically and ideologically, but also socially, economically, culturally, and religiously.  Everything from our views of elected officials to the trustworthiness of science, race relations to religious freedom, and social justice to gun ownership, seems to have become polarized along political, social, and cultural fault lines.  How can the various disciplines of the humanities contribute to a deeper understanding of this phenomenon?  To what extent can historical examples provide a guide to understanding the current moment?  What can ethical or epistemological analysis tell us?  What insights can be found through analysis of literary texts and representations?  Beyond the obvious dangers, can polarization generate moral clarity?  Can it restructure long-settled social and religious formations?  And what, if anything, can the humanities offer in terms of providing a constructive way forward?

We invite paper proposals from both faculty and graduate students for an interdisciplinary conference in the humanities to be held at Carroll College in Helena, MT, April 3-4.  Please send an abstract (no more than 300 words) and CV to dcash@carroll.edu by January 7, 2020.