San Diego State University English Graduate Student Organization Symposium - "Border Walls"

deadline for submissions: 
January 10, 2020
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English Graduate Students Organization
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Border Walls

San Diego State University, English Graduate Student Organization (EGSO)

Annual Symposium, April 17, 2020

San Diego State University

San Diego, California

Proposal submission deadline: January 10, 2020

Headlining Speakers: TBA


Proposals are now being accepted for the 3rd annual EGSO Symposium. The EGSO is dedicated to extending graduate academic networks by hosting and presenting an annual conference for the display and discussion of graduate scholarship. For this year, the theme of “Border Walls” has been chosen. 

San Diego State University is uniquely placed in its proximity to the Mexican-American border and the current contentious political situation surrounding the presidential desire to construct a wall between these nations. Because of this, it is important for us to interrogate the necessity of such walls and the reasoning behind their construction. Who are we trying to keep out? Who are we trying to keep in? What makes two groups so different? 

Invisible walls separate concepts like the digital and the analog, or professional and amateur. We seek proposals that challenge and critique these walls that we build. What do these walls mean, how are they interpreted, and what can be done to dismantle the structures they represent? How does the body itself act as a border wall, marking the difference between what is interior and exterior to the hermeneutic “self?” 

It is with this in mind that the English Graduate Student Organization would like to invite any graduate student proposals for presentations that question the nature of borders and the walls that are erected to distinguish, and separate, one side from the other. 


Suggested themes and topics include but are not limited to:

·     Digital Practice/Theory  

·     Electronic Literature  

·     Digital Humanities 

·     Book History

·     Bodies/Body Politics    

·     LGBTQ+ Representations  

·     Cultural Studies  

·     Gender and Sexuality   

·     Post-colonial Theorization 

·     Immigration Politics  

·     Indigenous or Ethnic Studies  

·     Media Studies  

·     Creative Practice/Pedagogy  

·     Trauma Studies  

·     Book Art 

·     Critical Code Studies  

·     Children’s Literature

We are accepting proposals for the following formats:

·     Individual Presentations

·     Lightning Talks

·     Pre-constituted Panels (3-4 Papers)

·     Pre-constituted Round Table

·     Performance Art

·     Creative Works/Readings

·     Dance

·     Mini-Workshops

Please feel free to propose sessions in formats not listed above.

Please submit abstracts of 250-300 words and relevant biographical information and institutional affiliation to by January 10, 2020. Presentations should be no longer than 15 minutes.