Henry James Society-ALA-San Diego May 21-24, 2020

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January 5, 2020
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The Henry James Society

The Henry James Society

American Literature Association Conference

San Diego, CA

May 21-24, 2020




Citizen James: Native, Nation, and Empire


The issue of citizenship has again come into sharp focus as migrants and refugees have met with violence and calumny around the world. In the last decades of his life, James witnessed enormous transformations in social and political identifications because of war, migration, and colonization. In the end, he changed his own national allegiance. This topic invites a re-consideration of his fiction and non-fiction as they address questions about conflicting identities and loyalty to a state open to criticism. These topics are suggestions, but other approaches to the subject are invited.


  • The International theme reconsidered
  • Citizenship and immigration
  • Imperial ambitions and actions in the US and UK
  • Expatriates and refugees
  • Capital in the Gilded Age



A Small Boy and Others: Henry James and the Child


Children appear in James’s fiction in many different kinds of roles, from the annoying little brother in Daisy Miller to the impressionable girl of What Maisie Knew. He also wrote extensively about his own childhood and those of his siblings. None of these writings are, however, for child readers, unlike the work of Lewis Carroll or Robert Louis Stevenson or Mark Twain or Louisa May Alcott. What opportunities does James find in his representations of children? How does the development of his late style affect these possibilities? These topics are suggestions, but other approaches to the subject are invited.


  • Representations of the child in the tales and novels
  • Comparisons of James’s child characters with the work of his predecessors and/or contemporaries
  • The Victorian child and the American girl
  • Autobiographical writings
  • The James children in the works of other members of the family


Please send 250 word proposals to Beverly_Haviland@Brown.edu and Sarah.Wadsworth@Marquette.edu by JANUARY 5, 2020. Please note if you will have AV requirements.