Religion and Utopia in American Literature - ALA 2020

deadline for submissions: 
January 10, 2020
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American Religion and Literature Society
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American Literature Association
San Diego, CA May 21-24

Religion and Utopia in American Literature

Recent scholarship excavates the politics of religions in American literature but has largely left untreated the utopian quality of religion. In many literary texts, religion provides bases for imagining new social relations. Reading religion as utopian invites us to look anew at the multivalent relations between religion and politics in American literature.

The American Religion and Literature Society seeks proposals for presentations on literary expressions of religious utopia or utopian religion broadly construed. We welcome presentations on any period, genre, or form of American literature, and those regarding any religious orientation. We are open to a variety of approaches and topics, including but not limited to: 

Utopia, Dystopia, Anti-Utopia
Secularism and post-secularism
Sex and Gender
Queer Theory
Political Economy
Ecocriticism, Environmental Writing, Climate Change
Science Writing
Geographies and Temporalities
Religious Fundamentalism
Reparative and Counter-hegemonic Religion

We also encourage interpretations of works of literature that do not overtly thematize religion.

Please email abstracts, questions, and /or concerns to Dave Morris (

Abstracts are due by January 10th.