Collection on England and/in Europe on the Early Modern Stage

deadline for submissions: 
November 30, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Matteo Pangallo
contact email: 

Dr. Scott Oldenburg and Dr. Matteo Pangallo are seeking essay proposals for a prospective collection of essays tentatively titled None a Stranger There: England and/ in Europe on the Early Modern Stage.

This volume will gather together scholarship (theater history, performance study, literary criticism, literary history, etc.) about early modern English drama, written in response to, reflecting upon, or in light of Brexit and the debates that it has provoked. Some of the themes or topics that the essays might address include:

  • Europe in England and England in Europe
  • Immigrants and refugees
  • Immigration/emigration and displacement
  • Xenophobia and tolerance
  • Multiculturalism and cultural exchange, competition, and formation
  • Nationalism, patriotism, and jingoism
  • Strangeness/foreignness, nativism, and hybridity
  • Racial and ethnic difference and identity, racism and anti-racism
  • Borders and border-crossing, transnational itinerancy
  • Transnational disease, contagion, and quarantine
  • Linguistic distinction and assimilation, translation
  • Relationships between (neo-)nationalism and disability and/or queer identities
  • Post-Renaissance performances and adaptations
  • Pedagogy and teaching early modern drama

If you are interested, please submit a 500-word abstract for a proposed chapter to and before Monday, November 30, 2020. We also ask that you share this invitation for proposals with other scholars who might be interested in and appropriate for such a collection.