AAIS-AATI 2020 "1950-2020: Cesare Pavese 70 Years After His Death. New Perspectives of Studies"

deadline for submissions: 
November 30, 2019
full name / name of organization: 
Iuri Moscardi (PhD student, CUNY)

Cesare Pavese left an unforgettable mark on Twentieth century Italian culture. His multifaceted intellectual personality took many shapes. He was a poet, a translator, a member of the Einaudi publishing house, a novelist: in short, he was a complete intellectual. His literary production was characterized by an extraordinary open-mindedness: he was the first to translate into Italian the American authors who influenced him; with "Dialoghi con Leucò" he reinterpreted classical mythology; he was interested in cinema. Seventy years after his death, what methodologies can we employ to study his work? How  can we interpret his open-mindedness, based on the cultural context of the first half of the Twentieth century and looking at the present time? 

Prospective speakers must submit a 150-200 words abstract and a brief biography to Iuri Moscardi (imoscardi@gradcenter.cuny.edu) by November 30, 2019.