Routledge Studies in the History of the Americas book series

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April 1, 2020
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Pablo Baisotti

Routledge Studies in the History of the Americas book series

Pablo Baisotti, editor

Dear colleagues I would like to invite you to submit a proposal for the Routledge Studies in the History of the Americas book series The project will be divided into 4 volumes:

1) A New Struggle for Independence in Modern Latin America. The volume is focused on the intervention of foreign powers, especially the United States, in Latin America, the region’s international relationships and the reconfiguration of the power and status of the different Latin American states in the face of these foreign presences. The growing importance of international mechanisms in enabling the success of certain Latin American regimes is also highlighted, in particular the influence of regional diffusion through international organizations or other networks

2) Problems and Alternatives in the Modern Americas This volume begins by exploring the situation in some Latin American countries including Argentina, Mexico and Brazil and analyses the relations between Latin American countries such as Uruguay and Cuba, and Mexico and Paraguay, from a historical-political point of view this volume also highlights the new challenges faced by the region as a result of changes in politics and party systems such as the diversity of presidential democracy in Latin America and increased political pluralism

3) Setbacks and Advances in the Modern Latin American Economy This volume provides an overview of the Latin American economy. It studies the economy of Latin America in a comparative manner, analyzing the experience of crisis and recovery of different countries in the region, and presents an economic history up to the present day which demonstrates how the cycles of economic and macroeconomic instability are framed by periods of dictatorship and democratic fragility.

4) Social, Political, and Religious Movements in the Modern Americas The volume explores transformations that have occurred in Latin America. For example, although the frequency of economic crises has lowered, the number of migrants continues to increase. Additionally, although the region is currently home to the largest number of democratic governments in its history since the 1960s this has not led to a lower level of social conflict but has coincided with an increase in the severity of social strife. The volume studies the dominant social conflicts of the region, such as migration, and evaluate their consequences related to the profound "crisis of values" and the question of the importance and influence of the Catholic Church and other religious denominations in Latin America are
collected. In the midst of various political and economic crisis, the Catholic Church has sought to accentuate the value of work, rejecting the absolute empire of the market The date for submission of the final article will be the first week of April 2020 Due to the number of proposals the articles will not exceed 10,000 words, in English, Chicago citation. If you are interested send me the required information (tentative title and short abstract) to this email:

Best regards

Pablo Baisotti