Call for Journal Submissions

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September 30, 2020
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Center for American Studies
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                                                    Journal of Sino-American Humanity Studies

Journal of Sino-American Humanity Studies (JSAHS), sponsored by the Center for American Studies of Sichuan Province and managed by the School of Foreign Languages at Southwest Jiaotong University in Southwest China, is a peer-reviewed journal published semi-annually in June and December by Sichuan People’s Publishing House, China.

The Journal focuses on the research in humanity studies of communications and exchanges between China and the U.S. in all forms and at all levels.  The Journal serves to build an academic platform for cross-cultural understanding and exchanges in the era of globalization.

The Journal has published articles by such top-notch scholars as Alfred Hornung, Ban Wang, Yingjin Zhang, and Yingche Li.


We welcome research papers addressing topics listed below from the perspective of internationalization and cross-cultural thinking:

l   Research on teaching systems, strategies and models of foreign language education (Chinese as second language included);

l   Research on Sino-American cross-cultural cognition and communication misunderstanding;

l   Comparative studies on higher education and literature in China and the U.S.;

l   Studies on American Chinese;

l   Comparative studies on academic objective, paradigm and methodology in China and the U.S.;

l   Studies of discourse paradigm for Chinese and Americans in different fields;

l   Research on spotlights and hot issues in such humanistic fields like politics, history, religion, literature, philosophy and economy developed from the past and present; Sino-American exchanges and communications.

We also welcome book reviews and accept articles in both Chinese and English.

Manuscript Preparation

Necessary Files

l  Cover Page. A separate cover page with the name of the author, institutional affiliation, contact address, zip/post code, phone number and email address should be provided. If your article is written in English, please present the above information in English.

l  A brief author bio in English (articles written in Chinese should have bio both in 

                  English and Chinese).

l   An abstract in English of no more than 200 words plus key words (articles written in Chinese should have abstracts both in English and Chinese).

l   All articles will be anonymously reviewed before publication and the author’s identity shall not be disclosed in the manuscript.

l  Figure(s). Optional

l  Table(s). Optional


Style and Format

l   Please submit the manuscripts in Microsoft Word format.

l   The style of reference shall conform to the guidelines of Harvard Referencing, which is also known as the Author-Date style.

l   Texts or tables that cannot be displayed properly in Word document shall be converted into .jpg format and inserted at the corresponding positions of the document, or changed into PDF document and submitted along with the Word document.

l   If the manuscript is the result of a research project, the project name and registration number can be indicated.

l   To request a copy of Harvard Referencing, write to


The author shall, in accordance with the academic norms, cite the sources for any research results, opinions, viewpoints, and statements of others incorporated in any form. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. Otherwise, JSAHS reserves the right to rescind publication of the manuscript and to take legal action if necessary.


Simultaneous or multiple submissions are not allowed.

Manuscripts should be sent as email attachments to Professor Lidan Lin (Purdue University Fort Wayne, USA) and Professor Hong Zeng (Southwest Jiaotong University, China) at, with the email subject being "Submission”.

Submission length

Scholarly articles should be between 3000-7000 words, excluding notes and works cited.  Book reviews should be between 1500-2500 words.

Submission deadlines:

March 30 for the June Issue; September 30 for the December Issue.



Unless stated otherwise, the author, by submitting the manuscript to the Journal, agrees to transfer the copyright of the manuscript to the Journal.

Prior permission from the Editorial Committee of the Journal shall be obtained before the article is republished elsewhere. Other rights of the author will be retained pursuant to relevant laws and regulations of China.


Submissions may be subject to technical processing and textual editing as required, and the suggested changes will be communicated to the author(s) for approval.

The author will receive two hard copies of the Journal and an electronic edition of the article published. However, we will not pay the author remunerations for the publication.


Any viewpoints, positions, and attitudes expressed in the Journal of Sino-American Humanity Studies are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Editorial Committee of JSAHS.

Editorial Committee