Seminar 57, "Genre, gender and nation in early prose fiction in English (1600-1700)"

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January 15, 2020
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ESSE, European Society for the Study of English
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15th ESSE Conference, August 31 – September 4

Lyon, France

Seminar 57 "Genre, gender and nation in early prose fiction in English (1600-1700)"


Dr. Sonia Villegas-López (University of Huelva, Spain)

Professor María José Coperías-Aguilar (University of Valencia, Spain)

Professor Karen Gevirtz (Seton Hall University, US)

This seminar proposes the study of the prose fiction in the seventeenth century, with special attention to the aspects of genre, gender and nation. Paper proposals which address any of the following topics and lines of research are especially welcome: women’s access to the writing of prose fiction, their newly-acquired roles as professionals in the printing and publishing business, the importance of anonymity, generic variance and experimentation, as well as the transcultural nature of early fiction in prose, focusing on the consolidation of a native tradition of the novel in English from the perspective of its European sources.

Those wishing to send a proposal for to the Seminar are kindly invited to submit abstracts of 200-250 words to the convenors by 15 January, 2020.

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