CFP: ASA 2020 Panelist Proposals: The University and Revolt before 1968

deadline for submissions: 
January 20, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Amy Fehr / University of Connecticut
contact email: 

Seeking papers for a panel at the American Studies Association 2020 Conference in Baltimore, MD (November 12-15, 2020)

The recent 50-year anniversary of the 1968 global student movement has heralded numerous retrospectives on this period in the history of higher education in and beyond the United States. Seeking to locate the worldwide network of protests that erupted in ’68 within a broader history of revolt, this panel turns its attention to preceding decades of unrest and activism within the university. We invite multi- and interdisciplinary considerations of cultural texts responding to and resisting normativities within higher education up to 1968. The central questions of this panel include: What modes of rupture can we trace to the decades that preceded the 1960s? How might focusing on the university in the United States (and/or American students/academics abroad) help us untangle the often contradictory network of activisms that led to the complex events of 1968? Alternatively, how did civil rights activism inform earlier forms of student protest? How does the concept of creativity explode our understanding of revolt in its relationship to normative formations and pedagogical methods of the university up to 1968? What are the implications of these earlier revolts for university students and employees within the neoliberal/imperial university of today? 

Please submit a max. 500-word abstract and a biographical statement to Abigail Fagan ( and Amy Fehr ( by January 20, 2020.