Storytelling and Identity through Digital Media

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March 8, 2020
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St. Mary's University
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Storytelling and Identity through Digital MediaSpecial Issue for Storytelling, Self, Society Journal  Digital media has drastically altered the way ordinary folk and professional users develop, tell, and share stories of culture. It challenges notions of authenticity and truth and the ethics of who has the privilege to tell a story. This special issue of Storytelling, Self, Society will investigate the way digital media has specifically altered practices such as narrative, character/identity, culture, story creation, and dissemination. Research questions might include: How do public and private users develop cultural media? What are the effects of insider and outside digital storytelling practices on identity formation? What constitutes authenticity and truthfulness in digital storytelling practices? Who has the right to tell a story online and from which perspectives? How can digital storytelling practices reframe identity and culture narratives for ordinary folk? How do people work within the limits of the media to tell narratives of identity and culture? What is the futurity of cultural digital media narrative artifacts? What is the impact of cultural digital narratives on travel and tourism? Are there differences between digital narratives and those told in person? What creative digital media projects are currently being employed to discuss narratives of identity and culture? What dissemination practices reach audiences most effectively? How do diverse audiences respond to or reflect the impact of digital stories of identity and narrative? 

List of potential topics:

● Authenticity and truthfulness

● Ethics of identity shaping

● Social media

● Augmented/Virtual Reality

● Video games

● Video storytelling and Vlogs

● Character creation

● Gamer identity

● Identity groups (ex. LGBTQ+, Latinx)

● Avatars

● Public vs. personal identities

● Public History

Please submit articles of approx. 6000-9000 words/25-30 pages (Times New Roman 12pt. double-spaced) to Amanda Hill, Ph.D. at