Medieval Leavings

deadline for submissions: 
December 31, 2020
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Medieval Leavings
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Medieval Leavings ( is a new, Open Access, online journal that publishes editorial orphans on topics in Medieval Studies (broadly construed) and makes them available for our community to use. We hope to ameliorate some of the inequities (and maybe also indignities) of journal publishing.

Medieval Leavings will also feature a special section, Archival Darlings (, highlighting exciting archival finds that may be useful for other scholars to know about, but that simply don’t fit our own formal publication plans.

Medieval Leavings is not a normal academic journal–the entire reason it exists is to publish material that has been left, cast off (, by other journals. We want to highlight the quality of work that can get lost in a traditional journal system under so much strain that it’s breaking down. That’s not traditional, and that’s okay. To some, that might even be a little dirty (, and those of us who want to do this work will be okay with that too.

Medieval Leavings provides the benefit of an audience at last.

Sometimes that is enough.

Interested in submitting a piece to Medieval Leavings for our inaugural June, 2020 issue? Look for more on our process here