Feminist Pedagogies Conference - May 16, 2020 in Santa Barbara, CA

deadline for submissions: 
March 6, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
UC Santa Barbara Women's Center
contact email: 

Feminist Pedagogies: A Graduate Student Conference 

Organization: UC Santa Barbarba's Women's Center and Feminist Studies Department 

Conact: Jamiee Cook - jcook@ucsb.edu

  • Jamiee Cook is the Graduate Assistant for the Women's Center, a PhD student in English at UCSB, and a scholar of genders and sexualities. She is the conference organizer and can answer any inquiries. 

Submission Process: Please submit your abstracts via tinyurl.com/feministpedagogies 


bell hooks writes in “Toward Revolutionary Feminist Pedagogy” that “to make a revolutionary feminist pedagogy, we must relinquish our ties to traditional ways of teaching that reinforce domination.” This conference, hosted by UCSB’s Women’s Center and sponsored by the Feminist Studies Department, invites individual papers and panel proposals on the topic of feminist pedagogies in an effort to provoke thorough and nuanced conversation about revolutionary feminist teaching practices on and off campus. TAs, RAs, and GAs are uniquely positioned in the university structure as both educators and members of the student body, and thus are especially insightful about cutting-edge pedagogies that best serve incoming classes of undergraduate students. This conference aims, too, to be a site for the sharing of resources and experiences, the proposing of intriguing questions, and the imagining of feminist futures in learning. Proposals on feminist pedagogy in secondary and primary education, as well as higher education, are encouraged.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • ●  Power dynamics and theories of domination in the classroom

  • ●  Intersectional feminist pedagogical interventions

  • ●  Trauma-informed teaching

  • ●  Women of color feminisms in teaching contexts

  • ●  Deconstructing gender in secondary or higher education

  • ●  Queer and trans-inclusive teaching practices

  • ●  Feminist pedagogies across disciplines

  • ●  Boundary-setting and survival strategies for teachers

  • ●  Strategies and struggles in navigating university policies regarding teaching, mentorship, and student accomodation

  • ●  Gender participation gaps

  • ●  Early childhood education

  • ●  Censorship and safe spaces

  • ●  Discipline-specific strategies to promote equitable teaching

    Proposals need not be comparative, and may take several forms: traditional academic papers, presentations, co-presentations, roundtables and role-plays, etc. Please submit your proposals via Google Forms​ no later than March 6, 2020.​ A short bio, CV, and a 150-250 word abstract are required for submission. Contact conference organizer Jamiee Cook at ​jcook@ucsb.edu​ with questions.

    Please submit your abstracts, bios, and CV by going to​ https://tinyurl.com/feministpedagogies and filling out the form.