Asian Tigers in the Digital Jungles

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September 30, 2020
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Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies
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Southeast Asia is the most densely populated region in the world, where neighboring states are political and economic heavyweights, leading players in a globalized world, and small countries that retain their distinctive appearance and style. It is a cauldron of ethnic groups, religions, worldviews, which has given rise to many alternative ways of integrating traditions and modernity.

In particular, Asian media, especially electronic ones, and social networks such as Chinese Weibo, WeiChat, Tencent and Qzone, South Korean Naver, and Japanese Line can serve as an example of such integration.

East Asian cinema and TV-show production display clear influence of Western, primarily Hollywood, standards. Yet they have many original characteristics, some of which are due to national historical experience and mentality, while others are dictated by state censorship and political agenda.

No less interesting is the representation that Asian peoples and cultures receive in Western cinema and commercials, and the recent growing protest of East and Southeast Asian natives against discrimination and stereotyping of their image.

An urgent issue is the specifics of the functioning of state censorship in many Asian countries, which blocks Internet resources using means of technical surveillance and efforts of the Internet police.  Such censorship of the media and private Internet sites, including blogs, forums, and social media pages, is explained by government agencies in Southeast Asia as protection from malicious content (which is often understood as opposition to the state system).

This issue will be devoted to the specifics of the Asian mass media, their relationship with the culture, economic processes and political practices of the states of the Far East and the Pacific region.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts for the specialized issue is September 30, 2020. You can submit your manuscripts via the electronic manuscript submission system marked "For the thematic issue of "Asian Tigers in the Digital Jungles"! - via the Submitting System (please read the material requirements carefully) or by email to

All manuscripts are first reviewed by editor of the issue, then two experts in the field perform a blind review of each article, and then the editorial board makes a final decision on the inclusion of the article in the issue.

Discussion questions include (but are not limited to) topics such as:

- Digital life in South-East Asia
- On-line journals and newspapers in South-East Asia
- Websites, web tools and social media platforms in Asian Pacific: new made-in-Asia competitors to global media giants.
- Asian films and TV-shows and their fight for markets and audiences.
- Transnational cinema as a Chinese product in an American wrapping.
- Stereotyping Asians in films and commercials.
- Media companies operating in in South-East Asia
- Social media in multi-ethnoreligious communities.
- Pop culture with an Asian face in the media space
- The phenomenon of anime / manga and their role in world popular culture
- Asian youth subcultures: between the past and the future